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 business solution
Compex Commerce®

is based on the know-how of many different types of retailers, spanning a number of countries and industries.

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Model your processes

for customer-centered business and for efficient supply-chain management, such as in wholesale distribution operations.

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e-commerce and multi channel

rely on centrally available information drawn from all business processes

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We work, so THAT you can say, 
"My software loves me" 

More than 30 years of experience and expertise have made Compex Commerce® what it is today:  an efficient and innovative standard business software solution.  In-depth experience in retail, wholesale & distribution; technical know-how and innovative methods enable us to implement projects for both Enterprise Resource Planing (ERP) and Supply Chain Management.  Our software solutions convince renowned SMEs and company groups across Europe.  Here, a selection:

Ferdinand Kreutzer Sabamühle
Pro & Cie
Coop Alsace
Expert Technomarkt
Goldmann Sandstrahler
Bauking Ranck
Hermsdorf Beschlag Vertrieb
Frigera Premium Pet Snacks
Knödler + Hurler Sicherheitstechnik

Project success depends on a proven methodology

In order to minimize project costs and risks, we have developed the standards-based 2BEE® concept.

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Best Enterprise Engineering

The BEE method describes how to implement Compex Commerce® based on an organizational structure.  It delivers a standard reference model with more than 400 preconfigured business-process workflows.

Business Engineering Environment

BEE as a tool box provides the technical basis for the realization of business applications that model and carry out defined business processes.  The newest generation is called OS.bee and is an integrated development environment based on Eclipse and many other frameworks, and which is available to you as an open-source project.

Good retail business

Compex Commerce® for retail is a flexible and high-performance business solution with all the benefits of a modern, standardized ERP system.  Seamless integration of the components allows you to manage your business with a single software solution – always providing you with an up-to-date and detailed overview of all your business processes.

The components of Compex Commerce® contain the know-how of retailers from many different countries, industries and business types, for example from the strategic units of the Rewe Group with PENNY International or in Germany from the consumer-electronics-market-chain expert TechnoMarkt.  Through additional projects with renowned companies such as Kaiser's Tengelmann, or Coop Alsace in France, we have modeled this knowledge into industry-specific business processes that are then integrated into the software's standard reference model.

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Kundin im Supermarkt
Lebensmittel im Tiefkühlregal

SOFTWARE that evolves with your needs

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Improved profitability in wholesale

The components of Compex Commerce® contain the know-how of wholesalers of many different countries, industries and business types, such as the technical wholesale sector, the wholesale-food sector or at Pro&Cie, one of the top players in France for household appliances and electronic devices, with a large online assortment.

Compex Commerce® for wholesale is a fully integrated, sector-specific software solution with all the benefits of modern and standardized merchandise-management, warehouse-management and financial-accounting software.

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Ob klassich oder online, unsere Software unterstützt Ihren Handel
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What Compex customers say about us


“We decided on Compex as a software provider because we were convinced by the team's technical competence as well as by the modern architecture and technological platform of the software.  Today, we reached an important, intermediate project goal and are already seeing first successes.”

Uwe Gebhardt

General Manager, Kissel Group


“For us it is crucial to have the support of a reliable and experienced partner who advises individually and is able to meet our requirements.

It is also important that we have software that performs our business processes seamlessly, while at the same time offering a sufficiently open platform.”

Patrick Gerards

General Manager, friGera

“The savings on the hardware, licensing and maintenance costs are striking.

The integrated standard-software solution Compex Commerce® replaces previous standalone solutions of different providers on different operating system platforms.”

Dieter Beye

IT Director, Kaiser's Tengelmann

“What we found convincing were both the software concept, as well as the intensive pre-sales consulting.  We therefore see in Compex a competent and fair partner who is able to assist us in reaching our strategic goals.”

Jérome Heusch

IT Manager, Coop Alsace

Integrated business processes - Driving e-commerce

Whether a purely online shop or a B2B/B2C distributor with a multi-channel strategy, a solid technical base is needed for efficient transaction processing.  In terms of software technology, this means that an ERP system has to provide uniform, consistent and verified information simultaneously for all channels of distribution.  Up-to-date customer, product, inventory and order data need to be available consistently online and offline, internationally and with regional emphases for the respective target markets. 

The core of the Compex Commerce® solution is the central information-management system (CIM).  CIM collects, verifies, archives, manages and distributes all master and transaction data, and thus creates an up-to-date, enterprise-wide data basis.  As the "single point of truth", CIM simplifies and accelerates data generation, reduces system load, and prevents redundancies, even when Compex Commerce® is integrated into an existing system landscape.

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