Technology and architecture

Model-driven business-process architecture

Compex offers standard software based on model-driven, industry-specific business models.  Through the Best Enterprise Engineering process model (BEE®), you can implement your software processes according to your business processes.  This is done using the Business Engineering Environment (BEE®), based on preconfigured business processes from the Compex Commerce® repository.  In this way, the 2BEE® methodology ensures that the process model and the software are always in correspondence, release-compatibly.

Methodologically and technologically innovative

Compex thinks and develops with foresight – this is reflected in all of our products and applications.  With technical know-how and extensive industry experience, our software solutions are the sure choice for your future.

Right from the beginning in 1985, we have implemented a model- and service-oriented architecture.  You therefore benefit from Compex's more than 30 years of experience using this architecture concept and its associated technology.

  • Model-driven architecture *
  • Model-driven implementation
  • Model-driven testing
  • Model-driven documentation
  • Model-driven processes
  • Model-driven authorization
  • Model-driven collaboration rooms
  • Model-driven control center

* Model-Driven Architecture and MDA are registered trademarks of the Object Management Group, USA.

4-Tier Rich Internet Application (RIA)

Compex Commerce Architecture


  • Automatic client installation
  • Automatic client updates
  • Highly scalable application layer
  • Easy deployment, also on multiple servers
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Adaptable, object-relational data model
  • Configurable interfaces

Business-oriented technology

Compex Commerce® integrates business and software.  This ensures reliable and valid applications with reasoned, thought-through logic:

  • Economic

    Cost-efficient along the entire value chain, all processes are supported on a workflow basis

  • Ergonomic

    Task-optimized process design with positive economic effects

  • High-performance

    High data throughput, also for large data volumes

  • Fail-safe

    "Four-eye" principle and control functions for critical business processes

  • Forward-thinking

    Context-sensitive, one-button principle for fast and easy data entry and retrieval

  • Transparent

    Full control of all business processes – anytime, anywhere and role-oriented

  • Diligent

    Modular and seamless symmetry principle reduces training costs, since the skills learned can be applied over and over again throughout the software

  • Restartable

    Automatic restart function increases operational reliability and reduces administration effort