Modules and components

The standard software Compex Commerce® is a solution with state-of-the-art technology, architecture and conception.

The "model-driven" process implementation allows you to implement business processes directly in software applications.  It's software whose modules grow with the needs of your company, because they can be individually modified or enhanced.  Plus, your solution remains compatible with future releases, thus ensuring ongoing reliability.

In short, software that completely adapts to your needs!

Here is an overview of Compex Commerce® modules and the business processes they perform:

Merchandise management

  • Assortments
  • Master data
  • Promotions
  • Distribution
  • Purchasing, purchase prices and terms, MDF and annual negotiations
  • Sales prices and terms
  • Central-warehouse (CW) replenishment planning and order processing with auto-adaptation
  • Central-warehouse (CW) replenishment planning and order processing without auto-adaptation
  • Customer Relationship Management with order processing
  • Delivery service
  • Counter sales
  • Invoice verification
  • Invoicing
  • Commission calculation
  • Datanorm interface
  • AGS interface
  • Form letters

Store merchandise management

  • Store upload and download (cash register, scale interface)
  • Store replenishment planning with auto-adaptation
  • Store replenishment planning without auto-adaptation
  • Store goods receipt
  • Cash register (real time / offline)
  • Store physical inventory (MDA supported)
  • Store miscellaneous goods postings

Cash-register software (Open Standard Point of Sale, OS.pos)

  • For wholesale, retail and applications just about everywhere
  • Cash register software with all required functions and interfaces
  • Easily adapted to new requirements
  • Compatible to all ERP systems
  • Central data maintenance
  • Standalone or client (server or cloud)
  • Omni-channel support
  • Shop-in-Shop
  • Modern user interface, intuitive-to-use
  • Compliance: Germany’s GoBD and GDPdU, can be expand to any other regulation
  • Find out more here.

Logistics with warehouse management system (WMS)

  • Warehouse modeling
  • Goods receipt with WMS
  • Storage, cross docking, transfers (MDA supported and with forklift control)
  • Goods issue, picking, replenishment with WMS (MDA supported)
  • Pick-by-voice interface
  • Physical inventory with WMS (MDA supported)
  • Central-warehouse (CW) miscellaneous goods postings with WMS

Logistics without warehouse management system (WMS)

  • Goods receipt
  • Goods issue, picking
  • Physical inventory
  • Central-warehouse (CW) miscellaneous goods postings


  • e-shop (B2C)
  • e-shop (B2B)

Financial accounting

  • Financial accounting master data
  • Financial, supplier and customer accounting
  • Cost and activity accounting
  • Closing and opening financial statements
  • Del credere invoicing (neutral)
  • FI/CO interface

Online Business Intelligence Integration (OBII)

  • Valuation of stocks
  • OLAP (prerequisite:  Oracle)
  • Business Intelligence Report Designer (BIRT connector)


  • Business Engineering Environment (BEE)
  • EDI interfaces
  • E-mail interface
  • Fax interface
  • SMS interface
  • Import interface for master and transaction data
  • Eclipse (Python, BIRD and Dataviewer plug-ins)
  • Data dictionary
  • Report templates
  • Model-driven documentation (MDD)
  • Database tools


  • Workflow and follow-up management
  • Role and process-oriented authorization control
  • System and job management
  • Archiving