Implementation made easy

Implementing new merchandise-management, logistics or accounting software is challenging.

In order to minimize project costs and risks, we have developed the 2BEE® concept.  It consists of the Best Enterprise Engineering (BEE) process model and the corresponding software tool, the Business Engineering Environment (BEE), or together, 2BEE®.

With the 2BEE® concept, you can plan and realize Compex Commerce® projects and organize the entire life cycle of Compex Commerce® in terms of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) best practices.

Our 2BEE® concept takes advantage of, among other things, standard methodologies available in the market.   Depending on the scope of customizations desired or on the project phase, either classical or agile methods (such as SCRUM) are employed.  The right method for implementing the adaptation depends on the degree to which it differs from the Compex Commerce® standard:

Install and Commerce (IAC)

IAC is suitable for you if you want to use Compex Commerce® standard software without any major changes or parameterizations being required.

Model-Driven Implementation (MDI)

MDI is suitable for you if you want to implement Compex Commerce® standard software with adaptations of the model and design (in addition to any IAC adaptations).

Model-Driven Engineering (MDE)

MDE is suitable for you if you want to use Compex Commerce® standard software with adaptations to the core software (in addition to any MDI adaptations).

The 2BEE® concept for your success

Small-, medium- and large-sized enterprises all benefit from the 2BEE® concept, since we operate exclusively according to it, thus guaranteeing your project's success.  Minimize your project risk through standardized and proven procedures for software-implementation, -engineering and -management processes.  The 2BEE® concept thus serves as a process roadmap, as well as a basis for communication.

Minimization of project risks

The 2BEE® concept defines standardized procedures and describes the corresponding results and the responsible project roles.  This increases the transparency of the project and thus makes it easier to plan.  Deviations from the plan and other risks can be recognized at an early stage.  The processes are thus easier to manage and the project's success remains central.

Quality improvement and assurance

The standardized process model – the 2BEE® concept – ensures that the expected results correspond to the defined quality.  The model makes it possible for you to check intermediate results early, so that you can recognize deviations from the goal just as early, and the quality of the result always remains in focus.  Furthermore, the 2BEE® concept unifies the structure of individual results into an integrated software solution.

Improved communication

A standardized and uniform description of all documents is the basis for mutual understanding between all project participants and helps to reduce friction between users and those performing project tasks.  The Compex combined helpdesk and requirements-management portal is this central information source.  The requirements-management portal provides a central and thus uniform communication platform, so that all project participants have access to the same information at the same time.


The standard software Compex Commerce® and its standard reference model were developed (and further developed) with consideration of the following paradigms:

Everything is process!

First the business process, then the technical solution!

From standard to customized!