Compex Commerce® -

Software for trade!

Over more than 30 years, Compex Commerce® has grown into both a high performance as well as innovative standard business software solution.  Right from the beginning, we have specialized in the current needs of the retail and wholesale trading sectors, as well as in e-commerce.

World-class software

Its consistent orientation on ergonomic principles, as well as its adaptability and the investment security that that brings, make Compex Commerce® into world-class software.

Software that is a pleasure to work with, and that can free you from routine daily tasks, thus giving you time for more important work.

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Our philosophy:  everything is process!

Over 400 preinstalled reference business processes, taken from real-life business situations, offer best-practice solutions for different industries in a single standard software – interface-free and fully workflow-oriented.

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How to get to your software solution

Thanks to the Business Process Management integrated into the software, all processes can be tailored to your individual needs.  For the implementation, a proven methodology (the "2BEE®" concept) is available that offers different implementation possibilities.

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Your reliable solution – for today, tomorrow and the future

This business solution is suitable for companies of all sizes – its scalability ranges from one or a few users up to 20,000 users and more!  Its modular structure is based on the business processes in retail and wholesale trade and may be extended or modified as needed.  In doing so, Compex Commerce® always remains compatible with previous releases, allowing the software to grow with the needs of your company.

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Why Compex Commerce®?
We have good REASONs!

Compex Commerce® is complete

Wholesale and retail business processes in merchandise management, chain-store distribution, logistics, financial accounting and controlling – all that with industry-specific functionality!

Benefit from our all-in-one solution and its integrated business processes that ensure cost efficiency – free of interfaces and without changes of media.

Compex Commerce® is technologically innovative

With our technical know-how and our in-depth experience in retail, wholesale and distribution, our software solutions are the sure choice for your future.  Since the very beginning (1985), Compex Commerce® has implemented a service-oriented architecture.  Technical as well as business-related open standards are also supported.

Compex Commerce® is future-proof

Once the project is complete, the work still goes on:  In order to keep pace with technological developments, release upgrades are necessary.  With Compex Commerce®, this is made easy, since release upgrades including all adaptations are included in Service Level 3+ at a package price.  Your investments in training and in the implementation of your business model are secure for the long term.

Compex Commerce® is scalable

One standard software with reference business processes suitable for your company size:   Installations from 1 to 20,000 users with the same solution!  Compex Commerce® adapts to your enterprise...

  • whether large or small, group or SME
  • whether in a large or small space, or with a specialized or broad assortment
  • whether with many or few articles, customers or suppliers
  • whether with or without branches, central warehouses or distribution centers

Compex Commerce® is advanced

We utilize the Business Engineering Environment, integrating the business organization with the software technology (2BEE®).

Communication between users, the IT staff and other departments is considerably simplified.  The consistent methodology, process model and software lead to reduced communication costs and faster development cycles.  Time to market is thus minimized.

Compex Commerce® is convenient

Optimized ergnomics and usability (Compex Visual Commerce) support concurrent operation of different devices:  graphically on PCs, smart phones or MDA devices, or text-based on logistics terminals.

This results in shorter implementation times, reduced training and operating costs and increased user comfort.

Compex Commerce® is open

Application and system architecture are independent of one another.  Whether Unix, Suse Linux or Windows, you decide on the platform.  Our standard interfaces ensure the connectivity to other systems.

We minimize your operating costs on the basis of available system solutions.

Compex Commerce® is flexible

Management of the organization is performed through business-process modeling;  functionality is integrated into the business process.

This reduces the time from the business idea to the delivery of the production software application, resulting in lower implementation costs.

Compex Commerce® is object-oriented

Compex Commerce® consists of components and elements which are implemented using object-oriented programming languages, and is release-compatibly customizable by the user with the Compex Standard Business Language (SBL).

Compex delivers all the benefits of  the object-oriented programming paradigm;  your long-term investment is secure!

Compex Commerce® is international

Compex Commerce® considers various aspects of use in international environments:  different dialog languages, multi-lingual data, legal requirements (EU and non-EU countries) etc.

Standard software, implemented in parallel in multiple countries, reduces both your investment and your operating costs.