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In order to drive the evolution and broad adoption of OSBP, Eclipse Foundation will form a so-called “working group”, where software developers and designers, power users, citizen developers and decision-makers of all realms are invited to come together and explore the new potentials of our software factory, first and foremost its low-code/no-code capabilities. The working group will be a self-governed entity that strives to align demand and...

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First milestone: successful inventory with new Compex Commerce® softwareThe Kissel group began last year with the branch-wide introduction of new Compex Commerce® software and has now, together with the software provider Compex, reached the first intermediate goal. The inventory management component, as planned, has been live since the beginning of the year. The trading group, based in Landau, Germany, was already able to realize savings during...

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CEO Uwe Gebhardt sums up interim results of introduction of Compex Commerce® software

Particularly mid-sized branch enterprises face huge challenges in preparing for the introduction of new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. In order to be able to manage software projects of this dimension successfully, many factors must be coordinated. The Kissel group currently finds itself in the middle of such a project.  The previous software of...

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Eclipse Projekt „Open Standard Business Platform“ (OSBP) offiziell genehmigt von der Eclipse Foundation.

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Compex Systemhaus GmbH joins the Eclipse Foundation as a solution member contributing substantial parts of its Open Standard Business Engineering Environment (OS.bee), whichcovers the complete lifecycle of any business application as an open source project under the name Open Standard Business Platform (OSBP).

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