Trading processes

Grown from the experience in trade

Our standard software, Compex Commerce®, is an integrated solution for merchandise management, logistics, accounting and business intelligence, that is designed to meet the needs of the trading sector – completely integrated and free of interfaces.

Supporting diversity

Compex Commerce® covers the entire range of commercial business processes.  Companies of all sizes benefit from the proven, industry-specific features that are suitable for all types of distribution channels, whether wholesale or retail;  brick and mortar, mobile or mail-order;  single-level or multi-level marketing;  franchise or cooperative.

End-to-end processes

A service-oriented architecture combined with our integrated Business Process Management tool (2BEE) enable workflow- and parameter-based control of all business processes and functions in an n-step supply chain.

The varied, industry-specific functions are provided as predefined business objects and can be combined with one another.  For example, reference processes, task sequences, escalation paths, data fields in dialogs, or the control flow of processes can all simply be modeled.

Why Compex Commerce® for retail?

All components ensure maximum transparency for guiding your enterprise, through process control dashboards and key performance indicators – and always with the most current data.  Implementing Compex Commerce® results in increased merchandise availability, improved rates of turnover and reduced capital-commitment and process costs.

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Overview of Compex Commerce® modules and components

Why Compex Commerce® for wholesale?

Increase your productivity based on processes that have been proven in practice for over thirty years.  In addition, the integrated Business Process Management tool gives you the room for individuality in optimizing your workflows, so that they will perfectly fit your operational needs.

Compex Commerce® supports all processes, including master data management, CRM (with offer generation), order processing, purchasing, warehouse management, counter sales, invoicing, financial accounting, cost-center accounting, data warehousing etc.

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Overview of Compex Commerce® modules and components