GET OrganiZED WitH Compex Commerce® FOR RETAIL

We have always concentrated on trade.  Again and again, we integrate new business processes from ongoing projects or from our own development into our standard software, for example, off-price store, drive-in store etc.

This results in a standard reference model for trade with over 400 workflows, with which the primary forms of operation and business processes for retail can be illustrated:

  • Supermarket, consumer market

    with a broad assortment of food and non-food in self-service

  • Discounter

    with a limited assortment and low prices

  • Department store

    with a broad assortment, mainly in the areas clothing, fabrics, household goods and food

  • Cash & carry

    with a broad assortment of consumer goods;  above all food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol;  in self-service with the main focus on business customers and large institutional consumers

  • Convenience store

    which offers a flat, high-priced assortment on a small selling area, for example, a news kiosk or a shop at a filling station (the "shop around the corner")

  • Mail order

    with emphasis on small assortments or special articles, specializing in one particular customer segment with specific requirements, and the use of the Internet as a marketing instrument and sales channel

  • Factory outlet

    for the sale of the manufacturer-specific product assortment, including seconds and overstocks

  • Job-lot trader

    with a constantly changing goods assortment made up of seconds, bankruptcy lots, seasonal items, returned items and overstocks;  which are not reordered

  • Party store

    with a constantly changing, time-bound, non-food goods assortment of special order products

  • Drive-in store

    oriented to goods assortments that can be loaded "while driving by"

  • Pop-up stores

    as temporary store units, so-called short-time stores, in which goods are temporarily offered in empty commercial spaces

  • Warehouse sale

    with goods sold directly from the warehouse, mostly with special offers, sellouts, bankruptcy sales or warehouse clearances

  • Beverage market

    with emphasis on the product lines beer, alcohol-free beverages, wine and liquor

  • Drug store / health & body care store

    with a rapidly turning over assortment with the emphasis in the areas health and body care, washing and cleaning products, baby food and care, and household paper products

  • Electronics markets

    with emphasis in the areas home entertainment, household appliances, new media, telecommunications, computers, data-storage media and photography;  with a sales and service offering

  • Hardware and home improvement market

    which lays emphasis on the product areas building elements and building supplies, and offers additional product areas such as: 

    • tools, machines and accessories
    • small hardware items
    • paint, surface-preparation materials, wallpaper
    • lumber, plastic
    • heating and plumbing
    • interior remodeling and decoration
    • shelf and furniture elements
    • gardening, camping and leisure equipment
    • electrical materials
    • car and motorcycle accessories
    • hobby and arts-and-craft needs
    • services such as lumber cut to order
  • Stationery and office supply

    with an assortment emphasizing the product areas stationery, school supplies, artist supplies, newspapers, magazines, books and tobacco, as well as office supplies and products such as office furniture and machines