Milestones in Compex's history 

Since its founding in 1985, Compex Systemhaus GmbH has set standards with its development and solutions.  Here, only a few of the most important developments and facts in the company's history:


NeW CUSTOMERS, JOINING Eclipse Foundation, NeW release 3.60 And FURTHER highlights

New Customers in Cash-&-Carry and Delivery-Service Segments

Kissel decided on the completely integrated wholesale and retail trade solution Compex Commerce® for both its cash & carry sales operation as well as its retail self-service chain nah und gut, both of which offer a full assortment in food and non-food.


Compex Commerce® was also able to convince the cash & carry trader MEGAMEGA is the specialist center for the meat, restaurant and food industries with four locations, as well as an EU-licensed meat-production and slaughtering operation.  Customers are served by its delivery fleet of multi-chamber refrigerated vehicles.

Both companies run all components of the merchandise-management, logistics and accounting modules of the Compex Commerce® standard software.  Depending on the location or the market size, the integrated logistics solution for the operation of the delivery service is able to scale from a stock-based warehouse model, all the way to warehouses that are controlled by the warehouse management system integrated into Compex Commerce®.

Compex Joins the Eclipse Foundation

Compex joined the Eclipse Foundation as a solution member, bringing with it the new generation of its software-development environment, the Open Standard Business Engineering Environment (OS.bee), in considerable part as an open-source project under the name Open Standard Business Platform (OSBP).  The Eclipse project was approved by the Eclipse Foundation after strict intellectual property (IP) checks and has now begun its so-called "incubation phase".  OSBP contains a model-based software factory consisting of expandable frameworks, tools and runtime environments for the generation, implementation and execution of business applications across the entire software-development lifecycle.

New Release 3.60

Compex Commerce is continually being further developed with new functionality offered to users.  For example:

Key Performance Indicators in the Control Dashboard

We look back on over 30 years of experience with online Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are displayed at respectively suitable points in a business process in order to support users in their decision making.  Release 3.60 gathers these KPIs together into control dashboards, with corresponding links so that the user can "surf" directly to the process concerned.

Printer Control

Up to 1,000 printers can be manually or automatically addressed in a single Compex Commerce® system.  For users with large numbers of printers, the printer administration has been considerably simplified, in particular the adding of new printers or the assignment of printing resources to work groups or individual users.  The printer-selection user dialog was also updated and enhanced.  The user now sees only those printers displayed which correspond to the current task, user privileges and physical situation of the user.
Food-Processing Regulations (LMIV)

The LMIV is an elementary part of our central article master data and is obligatory for our customers who produce and/or sell food of any kind.

Through the central processing of all data such as ingredients, allergens or nutritional value, it is assured that all information can be found unambiguously at a single location (single point of information, single point of truth).  Various output formats are available, such as the all-important LMIV report as an Excel file, or an article pass in printable PDF-format.  These output formats are extensible and can be completely individualized.  Furthermore, these data can be made available to external applications through Web services.

Planned and Actual Assortments

In many stores (markets), it is necessary to be able to react to regional situations.  The farmer from down the road delivers no centrally listed articles.  Instead, articles are delivered that were individually agreed upon with the market – seldom with an orderly invoice or marked with a barcode.  This has effects in particular on the IT-supported processes from goods receipt to invoice validation.  So that all processes nevertheless run smoothly, it must be possible in the store to maintain a store-specific assortment quickly and easily.  This enhancement for planned and actual assortments makes it possible to maintain store-specific additions to the assortment, from article creation to automatic updating of the master data used for the cash register and for shelf label printing.

Financial Accounting

In this module, many displayed reports were enhanced with a "drill-down" function which enables the user to "surf" the underlying data in detail, as well as into the information from the logistics and merchandise-management modules.



Organic Food and Ecological Products

Trade with organic food is booming;  the market grew 11% in 2015 to 8620 million euros.  Compex is there in the lead as a longtime supplier of software to the industry.  A well known representative of the upwards striving organic-food sector, active in both wholesale and retail, decided on the central- and branch-merchandise-management solution from Compex.  Concrete discussions are underway with other representatives of the sector.

Optimized Return Process from Branches

The solution, developed in co-operation with Kaiser's Tengelmann, makes it possible for returns of goods from branch locations to be planned and organized centrally, so that they can be processed automatically from the branches all the way back to the suppliers.  There are also return variants, such as a "trust return".  In this variant, the goods are returned to the supplier without being counted.  The supplier in turn enters the data (article, quantity), which is uploaded by interface and automatically posted to Compex Commerce®.  That relieves branch employees from the burden of counting goods that are no longer turnover- or replenishment-relevant, so that more time remains for more important tasks.

New Cash-Register Solution

The cash registers at expert TechnoMart that were originally developed for cloud operation were upgraded and are now also useable as offline cash registers.  Although there had previously been no lapses in the cloud operation, the upgrade offers the possibility of further operation in the event of Internet problems, thus fulfilling branch-location business-continuity requirements.

Multi-Warehouse Replenishment

The electronics franchiser ProCie can replenish goods for several hundred dealers at one time, can move goods between locations as needed with just a few clicks or can order from a supplier and have the goods delivered to multiple locations.  That optimizes the deployment of existing stocks and provides for a smooth internal stock distribution.

Management and Tracing of Deposit Containers

The spice trader FKS lends deposit containers for delivering liquid goods.  Once returned, these must be prepared for food-container reuse (according to the HACCP rules, prescribed by EU regulation 852/2004 on food hygiene).  This process must be documented and be quality-auditable:  Which liquid was transported in which containers?  Which customer had which container?  The lifecycle of each container must be recorded in detail and be traceable in the case of an audit.  For this purpose, the containers are equipped with a machine-readable number which is captured during warehouse processes.


IntegrationS & eNHANCEMENTS fOr technOLOGY And proCesseS

Integration of Tradeplace

In cooperation with expert TechnoMart, Compex Commerce® was directly connected with the merchandise-management system of the BSH brands via Tradeplace technology.  In this way, it is possible for expert members to have online access to supplier data  in their own, usual environment.  Tradeplace BV is an independent company headquartered in Amsterdam.  It unites the customer service of the four worldwide leading manufacturers of household appliances:  BSH Bosch & Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, Electrolux Home Products, Whirlpool Europe, Indesit Company and Royal Philips Electronics.

Expanded Return Management in Retail Food

The management of goods returns from the branches to the suppliers or the central warehouses when goods are delisted, or at the end of a promotion, can now also be centrally optimized, triggered and controlled.

Simplified Test-Data Management

Good test management requires good test data.  Providing consistent, nearly real test data is not simple and often extremely difficult.  In order to reduce drastically the effort required for the generation of test data, the database extractor was developed, which enables the test team to extract consistent data subsets from the production environment and to make these available for testing.  In this way, test scenarios can be run through on real-life data without much effort, and then checked for correctness.

Route Planning with CosWare

The Compex Commerce® interface to COS route-planning software makes it possible for customers such as PENNY Czech Republic, for example, to swap out data for the route planning and optimization.

End-to-End Contract Management from Supplier to Customer

Enhancement of the contract management functionality makes it possible for customers such as Ferdinand Kreuzer Sabamühle, for example, to manage their contracts end-to-end from supplier to customer.

New Release in Progress

A new Compex Commerce® release is intensively being worked on.  A new technology stack prepares the way for the industrialization of software development.  In focus is the strict use of market-usual standards for an all-encompassing software development framework, in the form of a software factory for the faster, automated generation of applications on all platforms, whether on premise or in the cloud, or on end-user devices such as desktops, tablets, MDA devices or smartphones.  The new release is expected to be available at the end of 2015.


NeW ProjeCtS, neW release, neW ComponentS

Project with Ferdinand Kreuzer Sabamühle GmbH

The wholesaler of basic ingredients for food, beverages, alcohol, tobacco and pharmacy products, as well as the operator of a spice mill, decides on Compex Commerce®.  Functionality in areas such as production and lot-tracking, as well as the company-wide quality management system for the manufacture, processing and marketing of food – from farm to grocer's shelves, extend the Compex Commerce® standard processes with additional functions and improvements.

Distribution Center Expanded at PENNY Czech Republic

After the successful introduction of Compex Commerce® branch merchandise management in the PENNY markets, the REWE Group invests in the central warehouses and distribution centers in the Czech Republic and accelerates the truck-loading process, supported by the logistics modules of Compex Commerce®.

MDF-Invoice Calculation at expert TechnoMarkt

expert TechnoMarkt implemented the MDF-invoice-calculation component and simplified the maintenance, auditing and calculation of the stored bonus and promotional-cost agreements, while at the same time reducing operating costs.

Master-Data Maintenance at Kaiser's Tengelmann

Kaiser’s Tengelmann impemented the merging of its master data with the central master-data pool ZAS of MARKANT, on the basis of Compex Commerce® standard software.  In this way, 3.5 million data items from various assortment areas and suppliers can be read in and verified with a few clicks.

New Release 3.50

The official release of Version 3.50 of Compex Commerce® delivers users further advantages in their daily work.  The updated extendedCRM (XRM) employs, among other things, screen functions that allow the user to use all connected Web-based systems in a single window.  In this way, for example, the user can see in the same screen local application data as well as data from the Internet.

Release Upgrade to Version 3.50 at ProCie

ProCie upgraded from Compex Commerce® Version 3.47 to Version 3.50 with more than 2,500 users over a single weekend.  Enhancements to the B2B component make it possible for all connected dealers to order from ProCie directly with their POS systems or to use their POS systems to perform look-ups of data from ProCie.


Rollouts, neW ModuleS, web-Services, Business-ProCess Management

Branch Merchandise Management at PENNY Czech Republic

The rollout of Compex Commerce branch merchandise management at 360 PENNY branches in the Czech Republic goes according to plan.  The changeover of branch processes to mobile hand devices makes possible a consistent and online-controlled capture and processing of data at the point where it is created, from goods receipt all the way to stock control.

Web2Store at ProMarkt

The rollout and production use of the Web2Store solution at ProMarkt for linking the stationary stores with the online mail-order system offers customers more service:  "buy onlne, pick up in store".

Linking via Web Services

The further developed communications framework offers, among other benefits, Web services for communication with Web shops, for example OXID or the Efinity suite.  Information can also be exchanged – seamlessly and in real time – with suppliers or other communication partners, for example in the supply chain.

expert TechnoMarkt

The conversion of all business processes to a profit-center-oriented accounting at expert TechnoMart provides for transparency and proactive control in the expert TechnoMarkt Group.

Delivery Service at Kaiser's Tengelmann

The continuous further development of the delivery-service component makes it possible for operators of delivery services to serve their customers even better.  Compex Commerce® users are thus already equipped today to offer solutions that respond to the increasing readiness of people to order over the Internet.

Business Process Management

The standard-reference-model business processes available in Business Engineering Environment I were diligently enhanced in the course of providing new functions.  Users can now benefit from these functions, for example by incorporating them into workflows.  In this way, continuous, workflow-supported, or also automated, business processes are modeled;  whether supplier, customer or master-data processes, or in logistics, accounting, controlling or business intelligence.  This provides for consistent and auditable recording of processes over their entire lifecycle.


NeW ProjeCtS, Multi-channel, B2B Portal


We are pleased to add the Austrian retailer MPREIS to our circle of customers.  MPREIS has developed over the years into an extremely strong brand and has marked the Austrian food-retailing industry through innovative and forward-looking impulses.  The supermarket chain, located in the Tirol region of Austria, decided on the branch merchandise management of Compex Commerce®

Kaiser’s Tengelmann

Kaiser‘s Tengelmann shuts down all ten of its outdated systems, whose entire functionality is now replicated by Compex Commerce®.  All 16,000 employees in 550 markets can now enjoy the advantages of fully integrated, transparent and modern real-time processing.


ProMarkt has worked in partnership with Compex for 13 years.  In 2011, ProMarkt enhances its Compex Commerce® standard software with the components CRM, e-business and OBII.

In the same year, the release upgrade of Compex Commerce® to Version 3.47 is successfully performed.  Thus, the prerequisites for the integrated, interface-free management of the considerably more demanding processes of multi-channel retailing are established


PRO&Cie, the number 5 in electrical-appliance wholesaling in France, has linked 1100 retailers to its central merchandise management and its 15 nationally distributed warehouses by means of the Compex Commerce® merchandise management, the B2B portal and the logistics.  Due to the ease of using the Compex Commerce® solution, the portion of orders entered through the portal quickly rose to 80% of total order volume.  At peak times, over 3000 users are simultaneously online and can query current stock levels, enter orders directly or print labels

PENNY Czech Republic

The Czech discount-market leader successfully places another central warehouse into operation, thus bringing the total number of central warehouses managed with Compex Commerce® to four


ANNIVERSARY YEAr WitH Release 3.47

25 years of Compex are a reason to celebrate!

With our customers, we have developed new application solutions in interesting projects.  These are bundled together and released to the market in Version 3.47.  New or enhanced functionality in Compex Commerce® Version 3.47 includes, among other features, the following:

Reworking of Compex Commerce® into a Web Application 

...with 4-tier architecture and Java Web Start technology, which can run on just about any Java-capable mobile end device

Extension of the 2BEE® Concept with Model-Driven Testing (MDT)

This means improved quality through automated user testing with pre-recorded test scenarios for all workflows.  This closes the software-development lifecycle from the concept generation with MDD (Model-Driven Documentation) to the test release with MDT and finally to the placement into production via the configuration management.

Integration of new Business Intelligence (BI) Applications into the User Interface

In this way, the decision-making process for the user is better supported through the transparent, online integration of the BI information containing actual figures from the data warehouse

Enhancement of Core Processes and Business Functions:

- Optimization of purchase and sales prices 

- Data-based publishing for the production of catalogs and handbills 

- Warehouse management and control 

- Branch merchandise management  

Linking Online & Offline Business

We are particularly pleased to perform an e-business project together with our customer ProMarkt.

The goal of the project is the complete linking of the offline business in the retail markets with the online business on the Internet, with a common data basis



PENNY Czech Republic relies on Compex Commerce® following the takeover of 146+ branches and a warehouse.

Once the PLUS data was successfully integrated at the beginning of the year, the Czech discount-market leader began successfully operating all three central warehouses in Radonice, Jirny und Lipnik productively.  In the course of the takeover, the company unified the merchandise-management as well as the logistics systems, and simultaneously began with a release upgrade.


Compex Commerce® 3.46

The newly designed Release 3.46 runs on the basis of a Web-application server (Service-Oriented Architecture, or SOA), which makes possible the central installation of the client.  In this way, the administration of Compex Commerce® is considerably simpler, thus reducing costs.  Central administration of the client can also be realized without a terminal server, whereby the ergonomic comfort does not suffer.  The operation and compatibility of Compex Commerce® 3.46 is identical to the previous version.  Parallel operation of the two versions in a single Compex Commerce® instance is also possible, thus enabling users an easy changeover from Version 3.45 to Version 3.46


InternationalLY SUCCESSFUL

The French trading group Coop Alsace chose Compex Commerce® after a multi-step selection process.  The Alsatian retailer with sales lines in discount, supermarket and hypermarket is convinced by the process-oriented standard software, Compex Commerce®.  It replaces the company’s previously run individual trading software with the modules central merchandise management, branch merchandise management, logistics and OBII (Online Business Intelligence Integration) in all assortment areas



Compex continues to be active in 2006 in neighboring countries.  We've expanded our network with new co-operation partners.  With the help of extensive training and events, we support the activities of our partners.


Active In France

Compex continues to be on a success course:  Pro&Cie decides on Compex Commerce®.  With this step, the French specialty-market group for electronic household appliances intends to continue expanding its market presence in Europe and North Africa.



expert TechnoMarkt

In 2005, expert TechnoMarkt, among others, decides to implement Compex Commerce® in its headquarters as well as in all eleven connected branch locations, thus linking 400 users in the central office and the branches.

International Expansion

Compex is growing across all borders.  A milestone in our company history is the gaining of French cooperation partners and the opening of our branch office in Paris.

We are also represented through cooperation partners in Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.


Kaiser's Tengelmann

Kaiser's Tengelmann, after careful evaluation, gives its approval to Compex for the implementation of merchandise management, branch merchandise management (approx. 750 stores), logistics (5 central warehouses), delivery service (with Internet connection) and wholesaling modules in the course of a business reengineering.

The decision is based on the following criteria:

- unified processes

- highest process efficiency

- automatic replenishment

- highest degree of integration (no interfaces or changes of media)


Compex Visual Commerce

One picture says more than a thousand words!  Based on that principle, the entire user interface of Compex Commerce® is newly designed, something unique for a business standard software.  The use of pictograms leads to a reduction in training effort for users.  Compex thus sets itself considerably apart from the competition.


Rollout BEGIN

After a project duration of only three months, at the beginning of 2002 the production rollout, based on 2BEE®, successfully begins, feeding Wincor cash-register systems in 2700 branch locations.



Compex receives at the end of 2001 the contract of a German discounter to implement the merchandise-management module Master Data Management (MDM), in order, among other purposes, to provide a data feed to cash registers in 2700 store locations.


Business Engineering Environment (BEE)

The Compex Commerce® standard software is enhanced with reference business processes defined in co-operation with customer work groups.  The reference business processes are organized with the help of the Business Engineering Environment (BEE).  The Business Engineering Environment (BEE) is thus the process-oriented framework suitable for the Business Enterprise Engineering (BEE) methodology.  Compex has thus diligently, and with an eye to the future, further developed Compex II into Compex Commerce® and two times BEE, or 2BEE®.



Compex goes international – with installations in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy.

A large German trading group decides, in a strategic selection process, on working with Compex on an international project.

Factors that were decisive were the ability for quick implementation, the cost efficiency, the simple operation and use, the flexibility, the modularization, the internationalization and the integration of merchandise management with the logistics.


Release OF Compex THREE

The division of the modules of Compex Three orients itself on the structure and workflow organization of trade and logistics.

Compex II is already process-oriented.  Most trading enterprises have an additional, function-oriented business structure, however.  For this reason, Compex developed a control matrix which combines process orientation and function orientation, so that Compex users can transform their function-oriented structure into a cost-efficient, process-oriented one.

Compex users are thus a step ahead of their competition.



The database market continues to become more concentrated.  Compex II can now be implemented, besides under Informix, also under Oracle.


Best Enterprise Engineering (BEE)

10 years of project experience, performed in the sense of ISO 9000, lead to the idea of also organizing the implementation of Compex II in a process-oriented way.  Compex structures, systematizes and methodically analyzes the experiences made.  This standardized, object-oriented methodology is called Best Enterprise Engineering (BEE).  BEE forms the basis for all further projects.



The logistics module of the software solution Compex II is enhanced with processes and functions for warehouse control and management (WMS).  Compex II is thus integrated standard software for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which combines merchandise management, logistics and accounting, seamlessly and free of interfaces.


ObjeCt orientED

Compex adopts object-oriented programming methods.



Compex II customer installations now encompass more than 500 workstations.


ProjeCTS FOR MID-SIZED enterprises

Compex II is highly in demand by mid-sized enterprises due to its UNIX orientation, its modern architecture and its simple implementation.  Our high quality convinces over the long term:  Many customers gained during this period will go on to be loyal Compex Commerce® users for years to come.


Compex Systemhaus GmbH

The founding of Compex Systemhaus GmbH.  The software Compex II is presented, with all necessary modules for successful merchandise management:  purchasing, sales, logistics, accounting (including open-position bookkeeping, regulation and co-operative invoicing) and communication (via fax, e-mail or EDI).


Workflow Orientation

What would later be described as Enterprise Service Architecture (ESA) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is implemented by Compex nearly twenty years before its competitors as a software-logistics concept based on function objects.

The logistics concept consists of the layers physical flow of goods, business process (task), the physical or virtual flow of documents (workflow) and the flow of information within, into and out of the enterprise.


Release of Compex I

Compex becomes one of the earliest software houses to implement UNIX-based solutions.


first Projects 

Compex performs its first projects in the commerce area on the platforms UNIX, XENIX and NOVELL.