Compex Systemhaus GmbH

We are a software house that since 1985 has been producing efficient process- and future-oriented standard-software solutions based on Compex Commerce®.  Here, Compex places the highest value on the integrated representation of all wholesale and retail business processes.

We owe our success to our innovative and dynamic standard software, Compex Commerce®, as well as to our standardized implementation concept, consisting of the Best Enterprise Engineering (BEE®) methodology and the corresponding software of the Business Engineering Environment (BEE®), or together, 2BEE®.

Compex Mitarbeiter


Our employees develop and market software solutions that model all business processes of a trading enterprise – from merchandise management and e-commerce to bookkeeping, because, as we say, everything is process!

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Thousands of users trust in Compex's experience.  The Compex concept has convinced well known multi-national groups throughout Europe as well as mid-sized enterprises, from food discounters to specialized wholesalers.

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What drives us?  We believe that a strong company culture, sustainability and the pursuit of quality are our basic values. 

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Strategic and technical partnerships are necessary in order to stay at the crest of new developments.  In the commercial field, Compex is also active as a partner in industry organizations. 

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Since its founding in 1987, Compex Systemhaus GmbH has been setting the mark with its software development and solutions.

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You have questions or comments?  Or would like to visit us at our headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany? 

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