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Compex Commerce®

Compex, with its merchandise-management and logistics solution, Compex Commerce®, offers standard software which supports online business in a well laid out and manageable way at minimal cost.  Alongside the integrated e-commerce components of the standard software, Compex Commerce® can also be successfully implemented in wholesale and retail trade with the shop systems of OXID and Intershop, among others.

B2C - Business-to-Consumer e-commerce

Many forms of online commerce exist, by which companies market goods and services to consumers via their own online shops or sales platforms.  Companies also combine various sales channels ("multi-channel"), by making goods which were ordered online available for pickup in stores, for example ("click & collect").

For these scenarios, the merchandise management and logistics of the Compex Commerce® standard software provides a control center, into which all information flows from the various sales channels as well as from suppliers, customers and connected service providers.  This is made possible by the conection of external systems through web services.

B2B - Business-to-Business e-commerce

The use of e-commerce in trade with business customers as a target group makes a broadening of your customer base possible.  Smaller orders, which might not have been profitable under previous methods due to the support needed from sales staff, can be efficiently processed through your online shop like any other order.  Sales staff can concentrate on particularly lucrative new and existing customers.

The Compex Commerce® B2B shop offers a plus on service and information.  Products can be sold around the clock and, thanks to mobile commerce, anywhere the customer can connect.